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Community Association Law in Florida covers many facets of the day to day operations of different communities, whether it is Condominium, Single Family or Mobile Home. In all of these communities, there are usually a select few owners or tenants who believe that the rules do not apply to them.

In order to preserve property values and to maintain the integrity of the community, we believe that violations must be corrected in a prompt and consistent manner. If you are having issues with owners or tenants that are not maintaining their properties, following the rules or paying their assessments consistently, your board needs legal counsel that will use tools and techniques available under the law and in your community documents to take prompt action against such violations.

As you may know, issues also arise based on various disputes involving fair housing laws. These disputes can involve service/emotional support animals, modifications to property in violation of the community documents and other instances where an owner or tenant alleges the need for an accommodation due to a disability.  These are sensitive issues as they involve one’s quality of life and need to be addressed promptly and legally to avoid Fair Housing Act claims.

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James A. Harrison P.L. has over ten years experience in analyzing documents, interpreting law and advising Community Associations with respect to most all types of Associations, including, but not limited to, residential and commercial condominiums, phase condominiums, condominium conversions, mixed-use projects, single family homes, mobile homes, trailer parks and cooperatives.  We also have experience with Community Development Districts (CDD’s).  CDD’s are a statutory, quasi-governmental taxing entity, unique to Florida, that can also affect communities as they may be responsible for maintenance and replacement of common property such as roads and utilities.

James A. Harrison P.L. also has experience in preparing virtually all types of Community Association documents from the initial drafting stage through amendment, restatement, interpretation and enforcement.  As time goes by, documents become outdated and do not reflect the current state of the law or changes that have occurred in the Community.  As this occurs, documents should be updated to reflect these changes or, in some cases, completely restated to incorporate numerous past amendments or other significant changes.

Representing Community Associations is a unique area of law. It may involve contracts, real property, environmental and lien law, just to name a few.  As such, we pride ourselves in being able to assist Community Association clients with enforcing its documents and determining when and how to move forward on a file as part of a partnership with our clients, in order to best serve their interests and objectives.

Individual Owner Services

Are you a single family, mobile home or condominium owner that is involved with a dispute with your Community Association or you feel your Association is not complying with the law and/or the Association documents?

Association Boards are not the only ones who may require legal representation.  Owner issues may arise from lack of or improper action by the Board.  You may have experienced or heard of a Community Association singling out certain owners, otherwise known as selective enforcement, or overreaching in disregard of the law and/or the documents, sometimes known as a rogue board.

If this is your situation, let us handle your issue promptly and with the respect you deserve. Whether it is a small matter or big, James A. Harrison P.L. will work to represent you in getting your dispute resolved.

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